"One of the ten best challenge marathons in the world." ESPNrun.com

Register for races Results for 10K Race Results for 21K Race Results for 42K Race Hotels, transport, tours Lake Atitlán is widely considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world... but also one of the most endangered. A volcanic caldera and the deepest lake in Central America, its tropical mile high altitude guarantees a perfect year-around temperature. For runners, this combination of high altitude and rugged terrain provides a special challenge... a greatly rewarding challenge that is amply repaid by the spectacular beauty of the area and it's people.

We ask you to support and run the Lake Atitlan Marathon races not only for the pure enjoyment and spectacle of a November day, but also in order to generate funds that are used to meet the environmental problems currently faced by the lake. The organizers are a volunteer, non-profit community based group that uses all funds raised to fund specific environmental projects within the Lake Atitlan Basin. Pick your event, the shorter 10 kilometer or the half marathon races held on Saturday, November 30, or the amazing Lake Atitlan Challenge Marathon held on Sunday, December 1, a race judged by ESPNrun.com to be one of the ten best challenge marathons in the world.

A variety of other sporting and cultural activities are held over a 5-day period surrounding the competitive races in a variety of locations in the lake basin. Lake Atitlán supports 12 individually unique lakeside communities. The majority of the activities are conducted from Panajachel which is the major tourist community of this world-class lake. It hosts a complete tourist infrastructure to include hotels, banks, ATM’s, internet cafes, restaurants and nightlife.
Most of the other communities also have hotels and tourist services. In addition to scheduled sporting and cultural activities, local businesses offer other attractions (e.g., paragliding, trail hiking, SCUBA diving) and local travel agencies offer regional and national tours.

The first running of the Lake Atitlan Marathon, held in May 2012, was a gratifying success, having attracted well over 300 runners from Central and North America as well as others from as far away as New Zealand and Vietnam. The next marathon event will be held on Thanksgiving weekend 2013, with a 10k run and a half marathon (21k) on Saturday, November 30th and the challenge marathon (42k) race on Sunday, December 1st. 2013. For updates, revisit our website or follow us on facebook.

For those making the trip from abroad, this is a great opportunity to experience internationally known sites like Antigua and Tikal while here.

If all of that is not enough to inspire you to participate, then be aware that last year, up and down the steepest of hills, JC Perez set a standard for us all as he finished BOTH the half AND the full marathons on subsequent days... in a wheel-chair!

Click here to register, and we'll see you in Panajachel!

Comite Pro-Maraton Lake Atitlan

Testimonials from runners about our inauguration in 2012:

To all the runners of the world, this is a marathon you MUST run at least once in your life time. The course is excellent, challenging but, isn't that what endurance running is all about? The view of the Lake, the people are just great, good people, the organization was incredible! Amazing!! I did not expect to see. I will definitely come back in 2013 and I hope to see more of you runners out there, Lake Atitlan marathon that is the place to be in 2013. See you all there and keep running!!!
    - Lenin Lopez, Sylmar, California, USA

I came from Colorado to run the half, making it a special trip for my son and me. What a fun, soaking wet day! So glad I was there. You all are fantastic!
    - Lisa Huddleston Buxman, Greeley, Colorado, USA

This marathon is fantastic. The course is stunning. Yes it is steep but don't let that put you off because there is maybe 15k of really scenic downhill as a reward after your climbs! I was hugely impressed with how well organized it is. The aid stations are frequent, the people are friendly-what else can I say? I LOVED it!! I have done many different events and this rates as being right up there-if you are abroad and thinking of doing this event I highly recommend it. Safety is not a concern-the lake is lovely and I would let my 4 kids walk on their own-this is not Guatemala City. Please support it next year, it totally rocks and you will NOT be disappointed. Well done to all the event organizers-a great job.
    - Kristina Margarita Milne, 1st women (42k), New Zealand

This event was a SUCCESS! Good vibe, well organized, everything was great! The run was pretty beautiful! Many thanks to all who supported this, eager to also run next year!!
    - Jeroma Sexton, Chimacum, USA

Thanks to the organizers! That was a truly amazing event; the people, the race, and of course the lake. Time to start training for next year.
    - Jeremiah Tracy, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This race was awesome! Love it because it was very challenging and I would do it again next year in a heart beat!
    - Mervin Duque, USA

This is by far the BEST half-marathon I've ever ran. I thank you for your commitment, dedication, and passion to coordinate this race. Everything was PERFECT!  I'm glad to have been part of it.
    - Patty Villacorta-Melendreras, Guatemala City

Good activity, thanks to all organizers and team members for their support and hospitality during the race. It is an unforgettable experience, and who have the opportunity to compete next year at the most extreme race in Guatemala, don’t miss it. It’s an extreme wonderful experience.
    - Allan Estrada, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

The distance from the city is small, the road is good, there are many good hotels to choose from. The route of the 21k is very good and the 42, super. Hydration was perfect; the volunteers were motivated and cheered us all the way. We are eager to run again in 2013!
    - Karla Labbé-Noriega, Guatemala City

Congratulations to the organizers, the event was a success, it’s safe, good hydration, publication of results, but above all, we applaud the efforts because the event was exclusively for lake conservation and promotion of tourism in one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala. Great!! and see you next year.
    - Ghost Runners Guatemala

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 medal2012-icon   21k Men - 2012  medal2012-icon   21k Women - 2012  medal2012-icon   42k Men -2012  medal2012-icon   42k Women - 2012
 1. Diego Ajtzalam - 1:14  1. Laura Co Torres - 1:35  1. Walter Lopez Aguilon - 3:02  1. Kristina Milne - 3:38
 2. Felix Sanches - 1:17  2. Jennifer Herrador - 1:39  2. Manuel Jose Turnil - 3:04  2. Rosselyn Monroy - 4:04
 3. Miguel Morales - 1:18  3. Svenja Grohmann - 1:44  3. Javier Isaac Turnil - 3:09  3. Kara Mosesso - 4:15

Atitlan Marathon Photos

Photos from 2012's event

                                           42k - Marathon                                                                                             21k Half marathon